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欢迎参加由北京大学汇丰商学院和欧洲著名学术期刊The International Small Business Journal主办的“2012风险投资与私募股权国际学术论坛”,该论坛将就中国经济中的企业家精神、创业活动和中小企业发展等课题进行讨论。









Welcome to the 2012 VC/PE international academic forum hosted by Peking University HSBC Business School and the prestigious academic journal in Europe “International Small Business Journal ". The Forum will discuss topics including entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activity and SME development in China’s economy, etc.


In the capital market, venture capital and private equity compose a very important and active part, which supports SME growth, improves the operational efficiency of enterprises and helps enterprises to integrate resources. As China's financial market gradually matures, China's VC and PE industry is growing very rapidly in recent years. However, after several years of "barbaric growth", China's VC/PE industry is facing some new situations and problems and it has to find a new location and mission in the market, in order to better promote economic restructuring, and make a better contribution to the healthy development of China's economy.


We believe that in order to solve these problems, we must be better to learn from the experience of foreign advanced financial markets, and thus take the advantages of backwardness to accelerate the healthy development of the industry. Around this theme, in recent years, HSBC Business School focus faculty research on the development of related industries abroad, and have trained a large number of talents for China’s VC / PE industry by launching executive development programs. At the same time, we actively build the platform to enhance communication within and outside the industry among government officials, corporate executives, well-known experts and scholars and industry representatives, and this forum is just the result of years of efforts given by HSBC Business School.


As an academic forum, the event will invite a number of domestic and foreign experts and representatives in the industry who have a long-term study in the VC / PE industry. In the two-day forum, we set entrepreneurial activities and the development of SMEs as the starting point to discuss how China's VC / PE industry can better finance the most dynamic growth of SMEs, and support the upgrading of the whole industry chain in China. Here, we sincerely hope that more experts and government officials concern more about such an important industry, and they can take this forum as an opportunity to promote deeper and solider thinking, thus providing more theory wisdom and practice thinking for the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

Looking forward to your coming!


Professor Wen HAI

Vice President, Peking University

Chancellor, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

Dean, Peking University HSBC Business School

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