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论坛概况:伴随中国经济的高速发展,资本市场逐渐成为中国经济资源市场化配置的重要平台。风险投资( VC )与私募股权( PE )是资本市场体系重要而活跃的组成元素,是产业资源整合优化不可或缺的桥梁,是商业和技术创新的支撑力和驱动力。中国 VC PE 行业历经十余年的积累与磨砺,现正处于新形势、新问题、新挑战并存的发展关口。十年磨一剑,敢问路在何方?

在此背景下,依托北京大学深厚学术之积淀,秉承深圳锐意进取之精神,北京大学汇丰商学院携手欧洲著名学术期刊 The International Small Business Journal 推出“风险投资与私募股权国际学术论坛 -- 中国经济中的企业家精神、创业活动和中小企业发展”,旨在与专家学者、政府官员、企业代表、券商、 PE /VC 等就行业发展的基础、症结、前景共同研讨,促进中外学术交流;同时为 VC PE 学界与业界搭建沟通平台,推动行业健康发展。


·   企业金融

·   风险投资、天使投资与新企业孕育

·   家族企业的经营与动态发展

·   中小企业发展的地方制度壁垒

·   创新、研发和企业战略

·   中小企业生存发展战略

·   政府政策对中小企业经营的影响


Along with the rapid development of China's economy, the capital market has become an important platform for the marketization of China's economic resources. Venture capital  and private equity are important and active elements in the capital market system, indispensable bridges for the integration and optimization of industrial resources, and also the supporting and driving force of commercial and technical innovation. China’s VC, PE industry, through more than 10 years of accumulation, is now facing new opportunity, new problems and new challenges under new circumstances. Where will it go?


To answer these questions, relying on strong academic power of Peking University and adhering to forging ahead spirit of Shenzhen, Peking University HSBC Business School cooperated with the leading academic journal in Europe “ International Small Business Journal ” and launched the "Venture Capital and Private Equity International Academic Forum--Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Activities and the Development of SMEs in China's Economy”, aimed at inspiring the discussion on the basis, crux and prospects of VC/PE industry among scholars, government officials and business representatives. We hope this event can promote academic communication between China and other countries, and meanwhile build up a communication platform for VC/PE academia and industry for facilitating healthy development of the industry in China.


The subject of the forum is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activities and the development of SMEs in China's economy. The subtopics include:


·   Entrepreneurial finance

·   Role of venture capital and angel finance in new venture development

·   The influence of family dynamics upon small business management

·   The impact of prevailing local institutional norms and barriers on small business management

·  Innovation, R&D and entrepreneurial strategies

·   Impact of government policy on small business management

·   Survival and growth strategies for small businesses

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